Burmillas as Pets - article by Mr. & Mrs. A. N. Miller

At first there was one
It is hard to believe that originally I had to talk my wife into considering to become a cat owner. Having seen a Silver tipped Burmilla on a popular TV show, she at least agreed to accompagny me on a trip near Windsor, home of a well known breeder of Burmese and Burmillas. It was love at first sight but we were a bit set back when we found it was not just a matter of give us your money and here is your cat! There was a long waiting list back in 1996 - 1997, I believe we were number 30 amongst prospective buyers and we spent a lot of time hoping that some would pull out.

Luck had it that A: we almost immediately stuck a friendship with the breeders and B: Some time later "Bonnie" was considered a bit too small for breeding and would, after desexing, be available as a pet. It was the first cat that already had a name as we acquired her and she soon settled in, typically not eating some of the food on the list carefylly prepared and supplied to us, the first signs of her totally independent nature. We were to learn later, after we became owners of number two and three, that just like children, every one had their own characteristics (for should this be CAT a ristics?) personalities, likes and dislikes.

I'am not scared of the BIGGEST mouse - Bonnie


First of all, although she follows me with every step I take around the house, she is no lap-cat, except in cold weather when practically everyone seated near the fireside can have her on their lap for hours on end. Curiosity although a trademark of all felines, is not the correct description of Bonnie, it is better described as curiosity-plus. Whether I am constructing a scratch pole, place an empty box on the floor, make a chocolate drink at 2 a.m., she must inspect it, jump on or in it, or have at least a sniff or two. I am almost ashamed to tell you that I had to chase her out of the bathroom when I caught her standing on two legs and staring down the "receptacle" to see what I had done and / or where it went to.

Not one of our three cats have a mean bone in their bodies, even when we play with them and when some cats "forget" it is play and will have their claws out to catch the toy mouse that you dangle in front of them, the only time she accidentally (slightly) hurt me is when I brought her in from outside and she "pushed herself off" in order to get inside the house first, thus a kind of anxiety reaction when her nails automatically came out to strengthen her grip.


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