Article by Robin Moller - Burmillas in Australia

The first Burmilla litter born in Australia was in October 1994. The breeder was Max Russell of Woonona Cattery.
It took over a year to establish the breeding program, the standard being based on that of The Cat Association (CA) of Great Britain and affiliated to The Federation Internationale Feline (FiFe). I see the section Breed Standard in The Burmilla.

In 1995 Robin Moller, Hindmarsh, a long time Burmese breeder, applied and was accepted to breed Burmillas - her first litter was born in January 1996.

The television show Burke's Backyard "Road Tested" the Burmilla in April 1996. The show caused a sensation, and the public fell in love with the Burmilla. (A Burmilla "Road Test" on the same program in 2000 produced a similar result!)

Three more very experienced breeders applied to the former RASCC later in 1996 and were accepted into the breeding program: Lorraine Burgess Burwyck, Margaret Klaver Shindhi, and Rae Auland Sunbury.

We had our first formal meeting in December 1996 and formed The Burmilla Breeders Association under the guidance of Dr. Truda Straede, who was the Co-ordinator of Experimental Breeding Programs for the RASCC, and All-Breeds Judge Rhondda Watson, who has also helped guide us to breed to the Burmilla standard.

All of us being Burmese breeders needed the support ot the Chinchilla Persian breeders. The late Doris Burnage, Chatsworth, and Norma Bridges, Jacquel, gave us their help and advice in our breeding program, and their cats are the foundation Chinchilla Persians in our Burmillas.

Two well known breeders (and judges) in Queensland, Barbara LaRocca, Riokay, and Liz Haimes, Chi-Lang, also took up the Burmilla breeding challenge in 1996/1997. Del Marsh joined them later for a while. Val Stewart, Shezarda, is also a very active Burmilla breeder. We all try to exchange cats with each other to keep widening the gene pool. Barbara has now retired from the Burmilla program.

Shindhi Silvern Phoebe
Db. Gd. Ch. Shindhi Silvern Phoebe
a black tipped Burmilla female
owner/breeder margaret Klaver

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