Qeesa have given birth 1th of May with a nice litter of five, 1 girl and 4 males




IC Qeesa of Misapotanien   GIC Gem's Robin Hood


All kitten are ready for rehome in week 30 as 12 weeks old

 Name Sex Color Reserv/open Pictures
Princess Leia  Female BML bs 11 open
Obi Van Kenobi Male BML as 11 Sold
Darth Vader Male BML as 11 open
Han Solo Male BML as 11 Open
  Male BML bs 11 open

Kitten 10 week old now


v. Bent & Anni Aggersboel

Godsparken 60

DK - 2670  Greve

Phone: + 45 42742590

Mail: misapo@adslhome.dk