Burmilla standard

Article by Rhondda Watson - Some interesting fact about the Burmilla.

Article by Robil Moller - Burmillas In Australia
Article by Mr. & Mrs. A. N. Miller - Burmillas as Pets
The Burmilla is a short-haired cat of a medium size, and the female typically is smaller than the male, up till 1 kg (3 lbs) body weight in difference.



The colour is shaded silver and tipped colour variants. The difference is that if a cat is shaded two third of the hairs are coloured, while only one third of the hairs are coloured if the cat is tipped. (Photo explanation)
The silver shading is only on flanks, head and tail the rest of the body is white.


Head and ears:
Head and ears slightly rounded top, medium width between the ears, a slight nose stop and a chin with a good depth. The line between the chin and the tip of the nose must be vertical. The ears must jut slightly forward, and the outer line must be in line with the side of the head/cheek with the exception of the males developing somewhat stronger cheeks.




Big and expressive and all shades of green, the upper eye line is slightly curved and forms an obtuse angle towards the nose, while the lower line forms a deep curve.



Short and tight of a silky quality and underneath a woolly layer to give lift to the fur.

Shaded Silver:

Regular shaded along the back, flanks and tail. Chin, breast, abdomen and the inside of the legs are plain white.
The body is without tabby markings except for kittens. Faint tabby markings in the face desirably. Rhinoscope brick-red, lips, pads, soles and tip of the tail in the basic colour.

Colour judgement is mainly done by looking on the Burmilla's paw colour, and hind feet colour , but also tail tip colour, can give a
good idea of the colour.

Examples of paws with different colours.






Group I: Non-orange

  • Black silver shaded BML ns 11
    delution of black =
  • Blue silver shades BML as 11
  • Chocolade silver shaded BML BS 11
    Delution of chocolade=
  • Lilac silver shaded BML cs 11
  • Cinnamon silver shaded BML os 11
    delutin of cinnamon =
  • Fawn silver shaded BML ps 11
Group II: Orange
  • Red silver shaded BML ds 11
    Delution of red =
  • Cream silver shaded BML es 11
  • Black/seal tortie silver shaded BML fs 11
    delution of black/seal =
  • Blue tortie silver shaded BML gs 11
  • Chocolade tortie silver shaded BML hs 11
    Delution of chocolade =
  • Lilac tortie silver shaded BML js 11
  • Cinnamon tortie silver shaded BML qs 11
    Delution of cinnamon =
  • Fawn tortie silver shaded BML rs 11

Tipped Silver: Like shaded silver, but seems much lighter. Without markings in the face and coloured soles.