The Burmilla is a cross-breeding between a Blue Burmese and a Silver Shaded Chinchilla which was created in 1981 at an unplanned mating in England. 

All the kittens in this litter where Silver after their father and short-haired after their mother.
On account of their good temperament and their beautiful looks they attracted so much attention that the owner and some friends joined forces to produce a new race.

A breeding programmed was established by the well-known geneticist Roy Robinson, and this was the start of the new race - the BURMILLA.


In 1984 Birgit Nehammer became aware of this new and exciting race – she already was a great Burmese breeder who was able to see the future in this new race.

Since 1984 she has improved and adjusted the Burmilla standard, and in 1994 the race was FIFE approved at her request.

Therefore the Burmilla now is an independent and very beautiful pedigree cat.



The temper of the Burmilla is very gentle and friendly. They are very harmonious and devoted to all people. They are good ”playmates” to children, and they love lying in a warm bed or on their owners’ lap. They are born curious and want to take part in all activities in the house. Now and then they take a nap in a cosy place. And when the family returns from their jobs they have a lot to tell, and like to play.

Of course the young cat is somewhat more lively than the older cat, but as a matter of fact it is the same with human children.

Totally a lovely family cat which of course also demands your attention.


We found this breeder name many years ago. At that time we started with Abbyssinians, and as ”Abby’s” probably derive from a place between the rivers Tigris and Euphrates, the Mesopotamia of the Middle Ages, it was obvious to replace the ”e” by an ”i”. Therefore our future breeding of BURMILLA also belongs under this breeder name. The Burmilla race also contains a little of the oriental mysteries after all.

All our cats are part of the family, and they are raised with love from they are born till they go to their new families.
Misapotanien is a small family breeding where each breeding female only have one yearly litter of kittens as a maximum. 

We are often participating in International Exhibitions shows with our cats in Denmark or in Europe, as competitor of the many certificates which are necessary to be Supreme Champion class 1. 


To minimize inbreeding we bought a female from Australia, Hindmarsch Cattery NSW.

Australia is the only country outside FIFE Europe, who are allowed to produce a new and independed line of Burmilla