Bent & Anni Aggersbol on show with Burmilla kittens

Misapotanien is a name that is more then 25 years old, at that time we started with the Abbysinien cats, but shortly after we changed to the Burmese. When they got into age, we started to look after a replacement cat. Here we got in contact with Mrs. Birgit Nehammer, who was the best Burmese breeder through many years, but she had gone over to breed Burmilla, because she loved their temper and soft coat and beautiful outlook.


Marki Silver Soraya

This happened in 1995 shortly after the Burmilla was recognized as independent breed by FIFE. After recommendation from Birgit we took contact to her friend Henrik Clemmensen who had the female cat that we was looking for. Our first Burmilla became Marki Silver Soraya.
he became the foundation in Burmilla breed Misapotanien.
After the first few exhibition show’s with Soraya we became more and more upset, to see how far Soraya show career could go. She was taken out of competition when she reached IC title and after given birth to several litter of beautiful kittens, that was able to follow her footstep as show cats.


Since 1995 we have brought new cat into the breed, these cats had renewed the breed and have throughout the years reached SC title (Supreme Champion class).



In 2002 we imported a female Burmilla from Australian, from Hindmarsh Cattery near Sydney. This was mainly done to renew the gene pool in Denmark.


Today our little cattery consist of 2 fertile males, two separate lines, and 4 fertile females, they are all show class cats. We also have 3 neutered cat that goes as pet cats.

During the years our Burmilla cats have reach several very good result on exhibition shows, such as BIV – Nom – BOB – BOX – BIS (adult and litter class), and also the cat club’s highest recognition TOPCAT list.


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All the fertile male has their own small house outside in the backyard, provided with heater and a lot of shelfs in different levels and outside they have a playground. Each accommodation is about 10-12 m2.

In combination with these facility they have access to our garden around 100 m2, surrounded by a fence.

Inside in the house the fertile females have several climbing trees with a lot of shelves where they can find rest. They also have access to a large backyard on 50 m2. We think these conditions are optimal for our cat health.

All cats are checked frequently for PKD – FIV – FeLV and are off cause negative.

All cats are once a year revaccinated against FCV (cat flue), FIE (panleukopaenia) and Clamydia.

All breeding cat are checked by Vet. Surgeon for sign of Umbilical Hernia.

All breeding cats are Chipped and Rabies vaccinated and PetPass follow the cat.


Please be free to call by phone for an informal talk of Burmilla breed.
 Call phone number.

+45 42742590

Best Regards

Bent and Anni Aggersbol